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Our Objective

Increase Operating Margins with Low-Cost CNAM
Your customer require / expect Caller ID service to be provided. For telecom service providers of all shapes and sizes - CLECs, ILECs, LECS, Rural Telecoms, and VoIP providers you can:
  • Reduce the cost of providing Caller ID service
  • Add Caller ID to your offering if price has prevented it in the past

How do we differentiate our CNAM service?
By being the low-cost CNAM provider we:
  • 1

    Use authoritative CNAM data and not data such as web-based white pages

  • 2

    Use new and lower-cost technologies

  • 3

    Use automated processes wherever possible

  • 4

    Do not require long-term commitments

  • 5

    Allow you to purchase only what you need when you need it

  • 6

    Provide superior customer service and responsiveness

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CNAM Service

CNAM Service to Support Today's Changing Telecom Needs.

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Delivery protocols include:
  • HTTP
  • SIP
  • Asterisk fastagi
  • SS7 over IP
  • SS7
  • Others as needed

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