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Our Technology
Packet Signal Corporation has developed hardware and software systems for use in the signaling and optimization of telephone company SS7 networks. Signaling System Seven or SS7 is the underling control network for most modern telecommunications networks. SS7 signaling is responsible for most 800 routing, Caller ID or CNAME, 1+, 0+ and a large percentage of local inter-carrier or inter-switch calling.

As derivative of these developments we found an opportunity to deploy our systems and expertise to reduce the cost many carriers were paying to supply caller ID data. Packet Signal can custom configure our CNAME database to mix in lower cost data to reduce cost, or we can tune for the highest accuracy, or any combination of cost and accuracy our customer chooses. Our customers can tune our system to utilize multiple data providers to meet their financial and accuracy objectives.

Our underlying software stack is extremely fast and reliable; our systems handle 10’s of millions of transactions monthly and have automatic N + 1 fail-over capability. We can monitor, record, or change any part of the SS7 message reliably and in real time.

We have supplied 8XX custom call routing, 8XX database optimization, CNAME and number portability applications. We can deploy our system in a passive monitoring mode to do data mining for carrier access termination audits.

We built an SS7 over IP appliance, to provide A-links back haul over an IP network. We have full SCP database and STP routing support.

We have integrated standards based SIP, MGCP and XML messaging capabilities and interfaced our software with proprietary APIs from hardware manufacturers such as Alcatel Lucent and Cisco.

Simply put we have developed very fast, scalable, highly reliable SS7/Telephony network applications and own the platform to quickly respond to changing customer needs and to easily develop custom call applications as required by the customer.
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Delivery protocols include:
  • HTTP
  • SIP
  • Asterisk fastagi
  • SS7 over IP
  • SS7
  • Others as needed

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